First picture of our three Kids
Coloring in the room
We have her!!!! She is our girl. This process was totally different then the other. We went to the civil affairs office, walked into a room, and that was it, no introductions, she was just there. She came right up to us, said hello and gave me a hug. She warmed right up to Brandon and of course, the kids.

We finished our paperwork (took about 2 hours), went for our family photo and back to the hotel to drop off our backpacks for some lunch. After lunch we went to the pool for some swimming.

She is fitting right in. Her personality is nothing like it said in her first paperwork. She is not reserved or quite. She is strong willed, loud and very strong. She DOES NOT want to be called Ellie, It's Jia Xiao!!
I will try to post more later.
Wish us harmonious days ahead....we will need it. We will no longer be the quiet couple that enters under the radar...You will hear us coming!