Ellie update

I know you all are sick of looking at touring pictures as much as I'm tired of touring. They have really run us ragged this time. The weather is also kicking our butts. The weather isn't sunny, but the humidity is a rough one for this Pacific Northwest Girl.

We did our meeting today. We got updated pictures and info on our sweet Ellie.

According to Holt, she is aware that we are coming and the process has been explained to her.

She shares a room with 2 other peers.

She does not like thunder and lightning, spicy food, and if she gets upset, take her outside to play games or give her a snack.

She is outgoing, active, and a happy girl with quick responses. Everyone calls her Jia Xiao. She sounds like she will fit right in then.

We leave tomorrow for Hangzhou at 11:30 am and get her Monday at 9am....it's getting close..I'm so excited.

Thank you everyone for the great comments, I can see the comments here in Beijing, but not the blog. Keep them coming, it's nice to see them after a long day. Makes me less home sick.

Here we are at the Temple of Heaven

A little note for McRae and Wyatt, Braydon says he wishes you were here so you could see the police chasing the street vendors out of Tienanmen Square today and the Sprite can with the Chinese writing.