Day 2....Touring Beijing

This is a picture of Braydon telling me to look up at the mountain....he thinks he is so funny.

Cable car looking up to the top.

Our group met in the lobby at 8 am for a whirl wind tour of Beijing. Our first stop the Great Wall. We actually went to a different location then last time, which was nice, but the catch for me...we had to take a cable car to the top. I thought maybe I heard it wrong, I hate heights. It really wasn't that bad, but oh my, my legs were shaking.

After the Great wall hike we went to lunch and then a Hutrong tour in a rickshaw, a tea ceremony and back to the hotel.

We are having room service tonight, we are all VERY tired.

I have to give a special mention to Grandma Pam, Lila has told everyone in our group that you are coming to see us right when we get back home to the brown house. She has been talking about you and asking us what we think you are doing right now. she wanted to know if you were swimming in your pool.

She is OUT!!