brief post

It's getting down to the wire 4 days until lift off. I can finally start to clean the house, pack the bags and cross things off of my "to do list"
I have real mixed emotions right now. I'm excited and thrilled beyond words, but also scared and sad. Scared for what is about to happen to our family, and sad that this will be our last adoption. Not that i want to do it again. I feel like we have completed our family, I don't think I could emotionally do this again. We need to focus on the WONDERFUL children we have and begin to give them 100% of our attention. We don't need to be distracted anymore with the agonizing, stressful paper chase and eternal wait of another adoption.

In little over a week we will be meeting Ellie for the first time (July 16Th) The Sunday prior she will board the train in the evening and make the 5 hour trip to Hangzhou to meet us in the Civil affairs office at 9am. What she must be thinking. Does she know the date she is leaving? Or do they just gather her up one day and say this is it? Will she be able to say goodbye to the people that have been her family for 8 years?
All I can say is she is a very brave girl.

I'll leave you with a few fourth of July pictures of the kids on the new water slide!!!!