6 am and I'm wide awake, why wouldn't I be? I cannot believe today is really the day, we are leaving in only a few more ours to start on the first leg of our trip to Ellie. I was going to post some pictures, but the camera is packed deep. I still have 4 suit cases, 4 backpacks, and a small purse, not too bad for 2 weeks in another country. I wanna make sure we have plenty of room on the way home for goodies.

Well this is it my last post for the day. We won't be in China until Wednesday (here) Thursday (there) I will post as soon as I can so you all know we get there safe and if any Air Marshall's had to sedate me for going wacko or anything.

I will miss everyone. Cannot wait to post our sweet Ellie's picture for the first time.