What the.....?

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Okay, I'm trying not to whine. I have been obsessed about following the message boards waiting for any signs of TA's today. ONE person has posted a TA, one, are you kidding? You can't tell me only one person in hundreds, even maybe thousands got a TA?
Where is mine? We are going on our 4th week (since LOA), they can't keep her from me forever you know, she is mine and I have a entry visa to China, I'm just going to go get her all on my own....Dang it!! Can you feel my rage? Do you have any idea how crazy I'm going? I think the refresh button is wore out on the laptop.
All of the frustration from the first time is all coming back to me now. I don't think I could do this again even if Brandon bumped his head and said yes.
Of course every time the phone rings I wanna jump right out of my skin.....Please, oh please let this be our week, I may have a nervous breakdown.