Weekend recap

This past weekend was fun, relaxing, and eventful. Mandy, Abdiel and Alex came for the weekend. They didn't get in until later on in the evening, but you know how it goes, the kids asked me 9,000 times when would they be here. Saturday we headed out to see some sites, have lunch at a cute little winery and top it off at our favorite bar for some BIG BIG burgers and a nice cold micro brew. Nothing better then a good bar burger. The kids did manage to get a bit of water slide time in before dinner. I think they needed to cool off considering here in the NW it was well into the 80's. That's big time for us around here.

Braydon and Alex walking the wall at Fort Casey

Alex on the Banzai

Lila sunbathing, like she needs a tan

Ps Check out the Chipin for Shen......35% to the goal!!! Please chipin if you can.....any amout will make a difference.