Not so speedy travel dates

Yesterday was so good, there had to be a little bump in the road right? I mean come on, yesterday we get a DVD in the mail of Ellie (it is awesome) the shop and driveway are all done (Thank God!!) It's Brandon's birthday and we are going out to dinner with our best friends, and we get travel approval.
Trust me I have been watching out for the proverbial bus all day....anyway on to the travel dates....it's all coming back to me now. We could be leaving on July 13Th (our 11 year wedding anniversary) Getting Ellie on the 16Th (the 16Th we got Lila on Jan 16Th) and coming home on the 25Th (we cane home with Lila on Jan 25Th)

apparently there is a "backlog" of families trying to get in to the US Consulate, so the visa appointments are out almost 1 month. It seems like that word keeps coming up, Backlog...lame!

Not what I had totally hoped for, but I can whine, we now know when we are going. I can now start counting those damm days down....UGH more counting....but good counting.