15 days, but who's counting?

How can I not count? It's only 15 days away until we leave. One of the many draw backs to being overly prepared(sometimes being a under prepared would be nice) is how do I spread 1 day worth of errends into 2 weeks? Yesterday we picked up a couple pairs of shorts for Brandon, a sun had for Ellie, and Mariner hats for Lila & Braydon (we are going to the game on friday) We also picked up 1 more small suitcase. That pretty much takes care of it, we could leave today.

It is useless to even begin house preperations, all of the paperwork is done, all we have left is to buy a few snacks.....What am I gonna do for 15 days?

I'll leave you with a picture of Braydon kneeboarding....I forgot how much we love the boat.