Who knew taking 2 kids to the dentist was going to take 2 hours? This is one of those things I learned yesterday. Is it going to take 3 hours when you have 3 kids? Man, I should have packed snacks.
Braydon of course did good at showing Lila it was no big deal to get your teeth cleaned. He even asked me this morning when he was going to get to go back. He has no cavities and won't need to go back for 6 months. Lila on the other had...has several cavities and is going back next Thursday to start the process of fillings. The poor thing, her mouth is so small they couldn't fit the fluoride try in or take x-rays. She was fine with that.
No word on LOA. As you can see I'm not to motivated on posting. I had a post in the drafts, but it was really negative and whiny, so I deleted it to spare you guys all of my agony.
At this rate I'm thinking we will be traveling in July. If I had to guess at how the LOA's are coming in....We will get ours next month and travel in July*sigh* I guess I shouldn't complain, at least it's getting close *SIGH*