Thanks to Carrie and her Blog expertise, the blog has a new look.I'm sure it will change a bit when we get Ellie home, cuz I will have to add her cute mugshot to the header too.

Our letter of acceptance made it to Holt and is on it's way to China. I was a bit worried about it, after the group if in breeders at the local Kinko's said they would take GOOD care of it. I was a bit concerned by the lack of computer, people, and human skills any of them had to check in my package. It took 3 very dumb boys and a very dumb girl to print me a receipt and assure me it would be picked up by noon on Saturday. I checked it online at least 100times between Saturday and Monday....it made it there safe.

Not much else to report. We are just waiting for China to get our paperwork and issue travel approval. The shop is up and will more then likely be finished by the end of next week. Thank goodness, we won't have to store the trailer and the boat anymore. I am a bit sad that this giant shop is blocking my nature view, but I did keep the old tree for the squirrels and woodpeckers. I'm such a tree hugger (not really)