Please help bring Shen home. This family has changed my mind about adoption fundraisers. I have never been a big fan of the families that rely 100% on donations to help them adopt, but I am a big fan of good families who need a little boost, like this family. I know they would want to be able to pay for this on their own, but unexpected circumstances have forced them to be a bit creative. Instead of asking us to purchase lame wrapping paper or some overpriced trinket they have created a link to ChipIn.

Scott and Tina were one of the first families I followed while we were waiting for travel approval on our journey to Lila. I feel like I have watched their family grow over the past 2 years. Now they are in the process of bring home Shen and they need a little help. Both of their boys being adopted from China are waiting children just like Lila and Ellie.
Tina has been a HUGE advocate for families to adopt waiting children. Without a strong advocate most of the files for these children are returned to China and these kids never find forever families.

They are asking for help with the $3,000.00 orphanage donation needed to give during the trip to China. You can click on the link below. You won't have to sign up for anything, just click and donate...Super simple. Any size of donation will be greatly appreciated!!!