Now you know....

Dam I've been tagged. She did this to me. 7 things that have not been published about me...um, are you sure you want to know...Yikes!

1. I'm scared of dying or anyone dying for that matter. I really try to not think about it. Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me and I get really freaked out....I know it's called mental illness, and yes, I have it.

2. I use to be very shy and quite and couldn't take a joke...not good traits to have in this family.

3. Sometimes I miss my Dad and Grandma so much it's hard to function.

4. I do not like being the passenger in a car. I have to drive, other peoples driving makes me car sick....I must have control issues.

5. I would adopt 10 kids if I won the lottery.

6. I love singing...I wish I was 10 year younger and had a good voice, I would totally go on American Idol.

7. I have been reading about the teachings of Buddha, very fascinating.....

There you have it.......i don't think I will tag anyone, but play if you like, it's FUN!!