I never thought we would get here

I thought this part was never gong to happen, it's time to start the "lists" I have now begun the task of listing all the things we need to bring to China, a list of all the things we need to do at home before we leave for China, a list of the phone numbers for us to take to China, a list of phone numbers for those not going to China. Last time we were there we called information to get the number to our dentist because we tought we needed to get Lila in as soon as we got home. I will be listing all of those numbers, dentist, doctor, you know....Lists, I'm so excited.

It's only a matter of weeks and we will be there. I feel antsy, excited, scared, giddy. If I'm feeling all that without a TA, imagine what it will be like when that comes.
Who wouldn't be excited to finally squeeze those dimples!!!!

I went to upgrade my cell phone, I now have international calling. We will be able to make and receive calls from home. Just remember people 15 hour time difference. We will still update the blog like last time.

Today, I'm going through every ones clothes to see what we need to fill in the gaps. I looked at the weather and it's already 98 in Zhejiang with 78% humidity....UGH. And Guangzhou won't be any cooler, especially if we go closer to July, it will be a hot mama.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the long weekend, and has payed tribute to our service men and women.

PS, PLEASE, don't forget to donated a little something for Shen!!