Happy Mother's day to me

Thank you to Epin and her parents, I was able to get a couple of photos of our sweet sweet Ellie.
This really made my day. I was feeling really sad about how long this is taking, and this was just the jump start i needed to get me through the day.
She looks so much happier in these photos. Maybe it's just my wishful mommy thinking, but I really feel like her face looks less serious in these photos then in the last few we got....I don't know.
Hopefully she knows about us by now. I have no idea.
I did break down and emailed our agency today to see where we were on the LOA.....Good ol' Holt, gave me the same text book answer they always do, " You are still in the window of normal waiting." UGH!! Don't get me wrong I love our agency and they are GREAT, but man, throw a stressed out mommy a bone, when can I go get my baby? She did say if we did not get our LOA by the first week in June, she would call to check on it. YIPPIE, that's only 17 days away, not that I'm counting.
I hope everyone enjoyed Mother's Day.....I did.