Boys dig scars right?

Lila had a big burn out today at school. It went something like this.....
I just get done from my run (4.5 miles baby) as I'm on my way home I get this phone call from my friend Jen..."Annette just called, she doesn't have her cell phone, and she doesn't have your cell number, but Lila fell and SMASHED up her face"
I don't think I even said good bye. Of course there is some old man in front of me taking his own dam time turning....I really think I touched his bumper a bit. I was speeding the entire 2.5 miles to the school. Mind you the speed limit is 35...um, I'm doing 60. Speeding karma is going to get me.
I can't find a place to park at the school, so I pull into the bus lane, run in, to find Lila sitting on Annette's lap with 4 teachers and the recess teacher giving her crackers, juice, ice packs and LOTS of attention. She is fine. No tears, No blood, lots of love.
She looks at me and says" Mom, why you here so fast" I told her I was there because Auntie Jen said you Smashed your face.....Annette says, "No, I said scratched her face."
All I was thinking the entire time I was driving there was how scared she must be, and how I was going to tell Brandon she was hurt. Um, yeah, she wasn't scared and Brandon still hasn't seen it yet.
Anyway, she's fine and milking it for every ounce of sympathy she can get......I would too.