Where oh, Where has my L.O.A gone? Oh, where Oh where can it be?

When is it politically correct to start stalking my agency? Those of you that have been there done that know what I mean. When is it okay to start emailing and calling to ask the dumbest questions, just to make sure they have not forgotten about you.

I had this overwhelming urge to get in contact with our agency yesterday. I tried to hold it off as long as i could, i made it until 1pm. The email went something like this....


Hope your day is going well. I sitting here thinking of our precious Haung Jia Xiao feeling rather proud of myself. i have made it 60+ days without hounding you all ;)

If you could answer a few questions for me, I would be sure to try an hold off for a few more weeks until I can think of some other clever questions to ask you, so I know you have not forgotten about us.


I did ask a couple of really lame questions, that I already knew the answers to, but hey, can you blame a girl for hoping they would come back with, "Hey, since you have been such a patient client, you can pack your stuff and leave today."

She did email me back the answers to my questions, with a big smiley and a series of Ha -Ha's for being clever.

This waiting STINKS!! Day...64 I'm guessing we are a little less then half way there. If you split the difference from our wait with Lila (120 days) we could only be waiting 54 more days until TA. Dude, I'm grasping. COME ON L.O.A!!!