Nothing to report these days. We are waiting each day for some word on when we get to see our little Ellie.
Today is day 75 since DTC and i know we are getting close, not as close as i would like, but close.
I think the wave of LOA's ha slowed down until the first of April, maybe we will be in that group.

The kids are getting so excited. It seems like each day they talk about her more and more. Me, I'm excited too, a bit nervous, but ready. I have been having quite a bit of anxiety/panic attacks. This process is really stressful. You really do not realize how much stress you have. Each night for the past 2 weeks Brandon and i have been asleep by 9:30pm. We are mentally exhausted. Not only the everyday stress of work, kids and all that in between, you add the adoption stress, it wears a person out.

I think about Ellie all the time. What she is thinking of all of this. Is she ready? Is she scared? Did she look at our photo and want to run? I guess I can know all of these things soon, but until then I will be thinking, daydreaming, and stressing....it's my nature....or something passed on to me from my grandma...

This is what my horoscope said this morning........Your up coming travel plans will go smoothly, as long as you ask for what you want. Are you sure someone should ask me what I want? The list is LONG.