I'm not sure If I will be able to post this week. We are leaving to go camping, okay it's not camping, RVing. The place we are going says they have cable modems, but we will see. Hey, you can't go RVing without high speed Internet, and cable TV.
Braydon said the cutes thing yesterday. He is getting to the age where he is doubting the Easter Bunny, Santa, and all that is mythical. I haven't told him any different, and want him to believe as long as he can.
Since we aren't going to be here over the week, and the Easter Bunny comes on Sunday, The day we get home. He had a revelation, If we are camping, there will be no way I can set up the Easter baskets, and hide eggs, so it must be the Easter Bunny.
Little does he know, my friend Jen is coming over sometime during the week and setting it all up. HEE HEE! It will all be ready for when we get home on Sunday. I'm so happy with myself...I'm managing to keep him believing one more year. It helps that he wants to believe too.