Easter dinner & more camping

Mom & Braydon

Dad & Lila
Posing out in front of the restaurant

Lila watching the boats in the marina

Blowing bubbles, those eyes.....
Easter dinner was yummy, as always. The four of us went to a restaurant with really good sea food. The kids ate, ate and ate some more. It was almost like we have never fed them before. They ate all 3 courses and dessert.
Plus, I added a few more camping pic's. Can you tell the 3 guys are up to no good?
Hopefully we are on the downhill pull now. We have made it past the 60 day mark. Could it be soon? best case....June...next best, anything after June... I'm really trying to stay focused and positive, but all the scenarios are running through my head. I'm calculating wait times, dates, holidays, and just hoping we get lucky. I would really love to have her home with us a majority of the summer. Summertime is our fun time of year. BB Q's, camping, boating, car shows, the water slide, bikes, sprinkler, playing outside when it's light until 10pm, having
Nai Nai Pam and Gpa Dave come visit, Aunt Mandy said she would too. This is when all the fun happens around here. I want Ellie to be home so she can enjoy it too. *Sigh*, here we wait of our little Ellie Xiao.