Vinny VS Invisible fence

Have you ever heard of post pursuit syndrome? Well, it something you get when you chase something you can't catch, and when you do catch it, you want to beat it. Sometimes policemen get it when they chase bad guys.

This past week, Vinny is the bad guy and I'm the policeman wanting to beat him, when I catch him. He must know his day in the barrel is coming soon, he has escaped 4 times this week. He has to know, his running days are coming to an end.

Last Friday we had Invisible Fence come out to start the indoor training, today is the day. The outside lines have been installed, the electricity has been turned on, the trainer will be here at 12:30.
Vinny, this is it pal, no more chasing your fluffy butt all over the neighborhood, praying you don't become a flat dog. How would you explain that to the kids? Um, your dog is...They love him, doesn't he know that? He has to know he's earned the affection of Brandon, that takes a pretty cute, well behaved dog, but then again, Brandon hasn't had to chase the dog for 2 hours hoping he won't become a statistic.