It's a funny language us adoption families speak, LOA (letter of acceptance) , DTC (dossier to China), TA( travel approval), SN (special need), NSN (non special need), WC (waiting child). Here's a new one for you. I don't think I have mentioned this one, since it is new to our agency to even give this info, but we have a LID (log in date). This is the date that CCAA (China) has recognized and recorded your dossier into their system, whatever that system may be.
Most agencies give you an estimate to TA from your LID, our agency has always said TA would come from you DTC date(2/9) ...So confusing, so frustrating.
If we go off of our DTC date we have been waiting 51 days. If you go off of our LID date, we have been waiting 11. um, I'll go with the 51, okay?
Who knows if it really matters in the end, it's just your turn, when it's your turn. Sorry for the rambling, I just want my Ellie.

Our dossier was sent 2/9/07 and our LID is 3/20/07. It took 41 days to log us in *sigh* Thank you Chinese New Year. This is when the entire country takes off about 15 days in the month of February to spend time with family, clean, and celebrate the new year. This really doesn't change much of anything for us. It is rather discouraging knowing this entire time our dossier was sitting on someones desk. Some LID's come quick for some and slow for others, why? who knows.

Now, since we are logged in, we know they are working on it, and getting the ball rolling, lets hope.

According to our agency, our wait is still 3 to 5 months until TA. *sigh* Day 51