Fifty days down....

Fifty is not a milestone most people like to celebrate, but in our case (adoption related) fifty is rather exciting if you ask me...So in honor of fifty days passed since DTC, I will list fifty things I love or an thankful for. And then I have to go outside and sand the deck before my husband thinks all I do is blog all day.

1. Love
2. Family
3. Friends...you all know who you are.
4. My computer
5. invisible fence
6. my king sized bed
7. designer handbags, oh, my love for you runs deep.
8. My classic car
9. sunshine
10. my front loading washer and dryer, they hold a ton.
11. my sweet dog Vinny
12. Ipod's, I no longer have to endure hours of my husband's music.
13. Scrapbook retreats, enough said there.
14. My trailer, whats not to love, home away from home
15. digital cameras, instant gratification.
16. Target
17. cell phone, I'm lost without it.
18. My mother in law, our relationship is growing, and that's a good thing.
19. Sundays, I can relax and not feel bad if I'm not accomplishing anything, It's Sunday.
20. Daylight Saving, I love when it doesn't get dark until 10pm
21. People who can say sorry.
22. riding lawnmower.
23. Nordstroms
24. Celebrity Gossip, all that money and dysfunction, makes for mindless entertainment.
25. NASCAR, I love you Dale Jr.
26. The color red
27. hydrangeas
28. summer days
29. wake boarding
30. Krispy Kream
31. Hand sanitizer
32. bottled water
33. Jack Johnson
34. Noggin channel, best babysitter ever.
35. swifter mop
36. Mr clean magic eraser
37. new car smell, good thing hubby works at a dealership.
38. My Dyson
39. shopping
40. blogs
41. manicures/pedicures
42. waxing
43. Uggs, without them winter would have been rough.
44. flip flops, I wear these all summer
45. window cleaning service, I'm lame, I can't clean a window or mirror to save my life.
46. sleeping in, sleeping in here is 7:45am
47. Take out
48. my husband, his hard work, honesty, humor, and ability to spoil me.
49. Sleeping children
50. Travel approval