Blah, Blah, and more Blah.

Today is one of those days here in the Pacific Northwest that make you want to move. We have had everything today. Rain, showers, sprinkles, snow, hail, wind, and a tiny bit of sunshine.
The photo is out my front door, this was the only moment, where it was worth going outside.
The weather doesn't help my aching heart....I've been cooped up all day, trying to stay busy. It's hard on days like this to keep busy and not think about Ellie. The days are gong by pretty quick I guess. Today is day 40. soon this month will be over, and we will reach the 60 mark.....I'm just trying to stay focused on each hurdle and mark them off.
i have been trying to see a pattern in when others are getting the Letter of acceptance. This is the letter that comes before the travel approval asking you if you except this child...DUH! You send that back, and travel approval comes within...a month-ish. So I guess now with the letter of intent, you sort of know your turn is next. We didn't have a letter of acceptance with Lila...we just waited for travel approval.
the pattern has been so far, LOA (letter of acceptance) it's been coming at about 3 months. But, I have heard rumors, that LOA's have come quicker for older children, that could be just a rumor, I haven't seen it yet. I don't know what is worse, listening to rumors, and tracking patterns, or just settling in to it possibly taking 120 + days......