We have made it 13 days since DTC. Pretty pathetic, I'm counting the days, weeks, hours.....I know we have a long wait, and I know I will get more irritating. I have tried not to rally think about how long we are going to have to wait....I've been seeing some people wait as long as 150-ish days...That is a long time. I feel for them, and know the exact frustration they are feeling.

So far, and I'm saying, so far, i do not have the high level of anxiety I had when waiting for Lila. I guess it's the BTDT, I know what to expect, I know it could take 120+ days and I have just accepted those facts. Last time I clung to the hopes of it being closer to 60 days...That was wishful thinking.

I am keeping myself occupied better this time. I have taken up running, well, if you want to call it that, I look more handicapped, then anything else. 3 to 4 times a week of running while Lila is in school has been fun. Hopefully, this will keep my brain occupied. I'm still so new to running, so I don't get too much thinking in. I'm too worried about correct posture, my aching legs, and being sure to not cough up one of my lungs. I have always liked the saying you shouldn't run unless you are being chased....Well, I've been chased by too many desserts, and they caught me. I haven't lost any weight, but I can tell I'm toning up in some areas...never the areas a person wishes for.

Two of my girlfriends have been running with me, so it's making each of us accountable. The thing that is really making me frustrated is, each of our husbands have been eating healthier, cutting out desserts at night, and they have all lost weight.....WHATEVER!! I run my butt off, they go to work and eat a couple of salads....UGH! I know, I'm building muscle.....WHATEVER!

Lila continues to love school. What's not to love? She gets rock star treatment. All of her royal subjects wait on her hand and foot.

Braydon is doing good, he has been learning about the different flags around the world. He has used a ream of paper drawing 160 flags. It's pretty cool.