Tick Tock Tick....

Things are flying along now. Tuesday I sent the I171h to Holt, they turned right around Tuesday afternoon and sent it to WA Secretary of State for Authentication of the notary stamps. WA State got it Wednesday, did the Authentication and sent it right back out Wednesday afternoon. Holt got it this morning and turned right around this afternoon and sent it to the Chinese Consulate in CA for certification of all documents, it should be back to Holt by Monday or Tuesday (We paid for one day service)
What all this rambling means is, Our dossier could leave for China by the 9Th. Then the real counting begins......From the pattern I'm seeing right now special needs travel approvals are taking about 90 to 100 days.....Lila's came in 119, so I would be thrilled with either of the other numbers....Don't think I haven't counted it out on the calender and circled those dates.
Dang, All I can think of right now is, I had better get working out, I'm gonna be in China in the summer.....(bathing suit, 90 pound Chinese women) I'm still hauling baby weight from 9 years ago.