Since Tom Brady didn't get to celebrate this year with a Super Bowl win (sniff, sniff) I will let him help us celebrate the following news...........

Dear Linda and Brandon,

I received your authenticated dossier today. It looks good. So I will ship your dossier to China on Friday, February 9Th,2007. Congratulations!

I wanted to thank you for your hard work on your dossier and your patience. I appreciated it!

The waiting time frame is from acceptance paper and dossier sent to China to travel approvals: 3-4 months. Travel approvals to travel: not less than two weeks.
I love to hear those words!!! the paper chase for Ellie...
Meet with social worker.....November 30Th
File I 600A and finger printed....December 26
I171h back....32 days
Being DTC (dossier to China)......priceless.....Kidding....2 months vs 4 months with Lila. If that doesn't make people want to go for round two......or three....(Donna)