Lila is in LOVE

Lila has found a new LOVE, Shane. She is so obsessed with the Upside down Show, on Noggin. Her description of Shane & David is, Shane has no hair, and David has yes hair. All of you with little ones need to check it out. The slap stick comedy is really clever. You can go to http://www.noggin.com

In each episode of THE UPSIDE DOWN SHOW, Shane and David set out with much fanfare on a journey to a place they've never been. As it turns out, they've never been anywhere! It's all new to them, whether they're going to the airport, the movie theater, or the moon. At the beginning of each episode, the brothers invite young viewers to take charge of an imaginary remote control with which to "operate" Shane and David, fast-forwarding, rewinding, or pausing them. There are many unexpected buttons on this special remote as well, such as the Upside Down Button, the Rotate Button, and even the Itchy Button, wreaking havoc with the brothers. The imaginary remote becomes a fun tool to reinforce new vocabulary and relational concepts as children play along with the show.

PS. Sorry for the lack of posts....I will explain when this crazy week is finally over.