Keeping occupied part I

Anyone who knows me/us, knows how inpatient we were with our wait for Lila. Time stood still. For the most part I feel we put our lives on hold during the wait. We centered everything around whether or not we were going to China that Month.

I'm still very anxious to meet our little Ellie. This time I'm heading all of the advice given to me during the first adoption, about keeping occupied. It's always easier said then done. I have begun to make mental notes of all the things want to accomplish before we travel.

Ellie's room is pretty much done. I have some clothes for her and have collected a few books. I'd like to find her a cute bookcase, and some curtains to cozy up her room a bit.

I have started running 3 to 4 times a week, while Lila is at school.

I want to get the office more organized.

and find some art work for my bedroom.

I need to go through the kid's clothes to see what they have for summer and for the trip.

Brandon and I have a few projects to work on in the yard before spring hits.

I haven't had too many sleepless nights, laying awake thinking of all the things I need/want to do.

More random thoughts to come soon......