I just have to share this...

Since we are in the process for an adoption with Holt, they send out email updates letting families know when the latest referrals come in. Last night I got an email saying, the last batch of referrals were for families with dossiers sent 9/2/05 , That would have been us. If we would have stayed the course with submitting our dossier and waiting to be matched with a child not on the waiting child list we would be just now getting our referral. 17 months later. The wait for travel approval is 7 to 9 weeks.

So, by the time we got a referral and traveled we would be getting just one daughter in the time it now has taken us to bring 2 beautiful girls home, because we would be traveling at about the same time we will be traveling to get Ellie.

That is a long time to be waiting, I hope the wait gets better with the new regulations for all the families waiting in the standard process.