I have been kicked to the curb

Lila started her first day of preschool today. It's pretty sad for me, she's my little baby. We have been attach to the hip for over a year now. As you can see, her backpack is almost as big as her.

I'm feeling a bit alone. The house was all quite, except for the dryer and dishwasher. What am I gonna do without her 4 days a week? I'm sure I will get into a groove, but wow my baby has kicked me to the curb.

She was so excited this morning to go to school with big brother. She had her backpack, and clothes picked out before bed last night.

This morning she was downstairs waiting for her breakfast, and annoyed when she was all dress, and still had to wait 20 minutes before we could leave.

When Braydon and I walked her in to her new classroom, she gave us each a kiss and, away she went, introducing herself and asking the names of her teachers.
I hung out for awhile to see if she was going to have issues, but just like her big brother, she was dictating and organizing the other kids. She didn't miss me one bit.

Lila's journey has been so closely followed by many of the families at the school, she is on the verge of a rock star. When some of the moms and teachers heard she was going to school today, they all went by her room to say hello. I won't have to worry about her during her school time, I'm sure people will be checking on her.....like her big brother.
When I got to the school to pick her up she was outside playing. She wanted to show me how she can slide on the big slide, the Guh-Guh slides on.
She wasn't too happy to see me, she wanted to stay there all day like Guh-Guh. She soon decided that she was hungry for lunch and wanted to go home.
We were home 20 min, and she was out like a light, school wore her out.
She will get a chance to recover, there is no school Friday, so she will get to hang with me and the girls today while we do popcorn at the school....Man, I'm at the school a ton, 3 times a day and on Fridays to make popcorn, Thursdays to work in Braydon's class, assemblies, and what ever else....They need to start paying me... I can only inagine what it's going to be like when I have 3 kids going there next year, good thing we live close.