Today is a new day, Right?

Lila and Katie meeting for the first time....Yes, we had the matching outfits planned.
This is Carrie and I with our girls. Finally! No, her and I were not matching

I'm sure you are all sick of hearing how this I171h is not coming in the mail, and how I am now on a first name basis with my mail carrier. She is starting to think I have a crush on her.

As I sit here watching Lila eat low-sugar oatmeal and Pringles for breakfast, it dawns on me, today is 1 year home. One year ago today we landed in the USA with our daughter. We were met at the airport my Carrie, Brett, and the kids. All of that was such a blur. I do remember, Lila screamed when we put her in the car seat. I remember, when we got home, we gave her a tour of the house, and she took one look at my garden tub and wanted a bubble bath. In less then 10 minutes of being home she was naked and taking a bath, in the biggest tub she had ever seen.
The next 10 days were tough. The jet lag was awful. We were all up at weird hours of the night watching movies.
Here is the post from the archives January2006..........You can tell I was tired.....I rambled a ton.

We made it home!!!!
The 25th felt like it was 40 hours long.....Oh yeah cuz it was. We left Guangzhou at 9:00pm. That flight Rocks!!! Other then everyone else's babies crying, The flight went by like a breeze. We fell asleep about 2 house into the flight, next thing you know we only have 2.5 hours left. Our agency advised against taking that flight because you may get caught in traffic. No way! With the Consulate closer then before it was quick! We had 3 hours to burn. So we ate some NASTY burgers & fries at the airport.Carrie, Brett, and the kids met us at he airport when we got in. It was nice to see familiar faces. I ws wondering how Lila was going to Handel the car seat thing, Lest just say That things went as I expected, SHE FREAKED! Thank God for the DVD player, she watched Big Bird in China and calmed right down. I'm sort of thinking that she gets motion sickness. She gags, and looks rather green when we are in the car. Did I mention that she tossed her breakfast on the plane. I sort of wanted too also, the breakfast didn't taste very good.We are all trying to get back on "Home time" Braydon and I have been awake most of the night. Brandon and Lila have slept some, lucky.I had better make this post quick so I can get at least a few hours of sleep before everyone gets up.My packing must haves on our trip:Mei Tai carrier (
www.alongfortheride.com)Lila would not ride in a stroller, she only wanted to be on me. Plus, it was great bonding for us.Playdough (mini jars) The kids had a blast Cheerios We ran out and had to raid the breakfast buffet every morning to restock (they didn't always have them either)Good walking shoes, You walk alot!!!!Warm hat and coat for self and baby. The White Swan is right on the river, in the mornings the wind blows and it's cold!!!If I can think of anything else I'll post more!!!

I've tried to post pictures of us at the airport...blogger is not working....I'll try to post them tonight.....Sorry

Update: 12:09 PM NO I171h today. *sigh*