Wow, where did this come from? As I sit here having my morning coffee, reading blog updates, assisting Braydon in his morning routine, I get this overwhelming feeling of excitement. Not sure where it came from or why I'm feeling it now, but I'm really excited to meet Ellie. It's a different feeling then when we were paper chasing for Lila. There was so much stress in our paper chase with Lila. We were so anxious, impatient, and everything was magnified x10. We were newbies. This time we have had our stress out moments, our anxious moments, I'm still impatient, but I'm really feeling we are ready to make her a part of our family.

Going from one to two children was a big adjustment, but two to three doesn't seem so scary (yet) So far I'm not stressing about the adjustment for Braydon. He is so laid back about it. Lila, on the other hand is getting better. She is willing to share her toys, and wants Ellie to play with her. But, I don't think she is ready to share her Mama & Baba yet. She is still trying to get a Handel on Braydon having two little sisters, apparently she wants to be the only "little" sister, Ellie is going to be the "big" sister. It's all perception at this point.

Hopefully we will see our I171h in the next week or so....wishful thinking again. It would be really nice if we could have our dossier to China in January.