I have a feeling this is going to be one of many posts where I whine and complain that things are not going as fast as i like. You all must remember back to the days when I did this the last time.

Today I just have that ache in my heart for Ellie. I wonder if she knows about us yet, or if she is still wondering if she will ever have a family. Of course those thoughts alone make me really want this to get going.

I'm tempted to send her a care package, but our agency says no, and at this point I do not want to rock the boat with them or China. With all of the changes coming I don't want to jeopardize anything.

I sure would love to get an update, or have something progress this week. We have been in limbo since December 26, when we filed our I600A and got fingerprinted.

I want to shop for her. Okay, I just want to shop, but I would love to start buying summer clothes for her....but, there again it's too soon.
Her room needs a few finishing touches, but I will get that stuff when, again, it gets closer.
I guess I have the adoption blues today....One good thing today...THE SNOW IS LEAVING!! I have never been so happy to see pavement. It's going to warm up to the low to mid 40's soon. YIPPEE!!!