welcome to my pitty party

What did i do for the universe to turn on me and show it's ugly side?? I just have been having the worst luck. It really all started about the time we left to go on our little mini vacation. We get stuck in a wind storm in Coos Bay, Oregon, of all palaces, being there is like being back in time 15 years. From there it did get better we took refuge at my mother in laws house, had a yummy meal, birthday cake for Braydon, and did get our good news about being chosen to be Ellie's parents.

From there everything I touch has turned to crap. It has snowed, I was stuck at home for days with 2 very bored kids, my car smells like rotten milk, we had a pipe break in all of this "Frozen Tundra" weather we have been having, our social worker says she can't seem to locate our background check forms...she has to mail more....more delay, my laptop took a dump (fixed now, 400.00 later)I was told we cannot drive to Yakima to get fingerprinted for homeland security, all of the packages I have ordered have not been delivered(due to "extreme" weather apparently UPS cannot deliver), I have the biggest zit on my chin, my dog ate the cord to my dyson, I stubbed my baby toe and ripped off the nail. the cat peed on my bed, Lila was sick, Brandon was sick, My good friend is moving, the number 6 does not work on my cell phone, the painter broke all of the tile on my bathroom counter, the painter also took some of the stain off of our cabinet with his tape, and I'm going to have a birthday in 11 more days. (29 again)
Have you ever had one of those.......months? Let's hope for a good December.