Update, update, update

My gosh this has been a whirl wind of stress, drama, frustration, and excitement. Last week the Chinese government that over sees international adoption (CCAA) announced they will be changing some of the qualifications for adopting from China. The new rules will be put into place on May 1, 2007.
So, what does that mean for us?.......We have have to have our dossier to our agency by March 1st to be under the deadline. Unfortunately, we will no longer qualify for adoption from China after May 1st. So, good thing this is our last one huh?? Ahhhh, but there is other places to get more children....Brandon. I'm thinking.....Guatemala, Korea. (kidding dear).

As of yesterday our home study was complete and to our agency for review. Here is the catch. The home study has to be approved and notarized not later then Friday. We have an appointment to get finger printed Tuesday, and have to have a notarized home study. Since it's Christmas....blah, blah, you get the point. Friday is the deadline.

To see the New York times article about the new qualifications and who it will effect ...... http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/20/us/20adopt.html?_r=&oref=slogan

I'm really thinking the new qualifications may have been a good thing for us (not all of the millions of kids in China waiting for families) For us it has now forced things to go at warp speed, which means we could get to Ellie faster.

I will keep you all posted on our progress. Happy holidays!!!