Santa Baby

We were not sure what the reaction to Santa was going to be from Lila. If it was going to be anything like Bradyons first encounter, it wasn't going to be good.

We have 4 years worth of Santa photos with one of my 1 legs or 1 arms in them, just to comfort the unwilling toddler. I know, why torture my poor son, and possibly scar him for life? Well, first time parents make mistakes.

Lila on the other hand, no hesitation at all. She took one looks at him to wave her over, and she was on a dead run to climb in his lap to tell him of her dream to have a pink kitchen for Christmas.

As for Braydon, he said he didn't want to sit on Santa's lap. (yeah, right) He would only do it if Lila was scared. He kept asking her a 100 times (we really did have that long to wait) if she was scared....yeah, no. she was ready and willing. I knew he wanted to sit on Santa's lap, so I made up a story about how my heart was breaking because he was 9 now, and it would be the last time I would make him do it. Well....until it's Ellie's turn.

I just love the fact he still wants to believe Santa is real. And I will kick Any one's butt who tells him otherwise.