Photo taken September 2006
I thought i should give you all a update on the progress to Ellie. We are still waiting for our home study (Dammit) I was really hoping to have it by now.

Here is the thing and I'm trying not to get all flipped out over this. Our social worker is a great gal. Her old boss was great, very helpful, was creative in finding ways to speed things along for everyone. She was an adoptive parent her self and knows the agony of the paper process. She has since moved to a new department. The new boss is a total "by the rules" gotta prove a point, career woman. She is single, never had kids, she is the "clinical adoption counselor" She has made this home study thing take a month longer then it needs to. But, I don't want to rock the boat and have her drag her feet even longer. She is the one telling us we cannot drive to Yakima to file our 600A, she is also telling us we need to do new background checks for the state, I thought they were good for 3 years, my one for the school district is. Can you feel my frustration?

So to get back to the time line.....We had out Doctors appointments....we have not communicable diseases....we may live long enough to get to China (ha ha) So, once the home study is on our hands it's pretty much getting close. I want to say (hope) our paperwork could be to China by....Late January/early February??? Then the real wait starts for travel approval.

So, now you are all up to speed on possibly why I have elevated blood pressure....hummmm.

I think we have come to the conclusion Ellie's middle name will stay her Chinese name Xiao. I really wanted to give her a family middle name, well, one of my grandmother's names but, she would strike me where I stood if we gave her the middle name Bertha( she always hated her name and in fact went by the name Bert), and her middle name was Gene (spelled like a boy) and she did have the name Ruth at one point......none of which I thought went well with Ellie.

We have her room almost complete. We just need somethings for the walls. I was hoping to have it done soon so I could take pictures and get her photo album ready. The lady that is going to translate for me just left for 3 weeks to Hawaii, poor thing. So, when she gets back she will translate the pictures and letter for me to send off. I have decided against sending a care package at this point. Our agency says no, so, I will obey (this time) The album and letter will be enough.