I'm finding it hard to believe Christmas is so close. Just this time last year we were chomping at the bit for travel approval, and feeling the huge let down when they told us we would for sure not have Lila with us for Christmas. The emotional toll that long wait took on us was big. But, obviously not enough to scare, here we are waiting again. (hee, hee, we need help)

We have had things to keep us occupied. We made gingerbread houses. Lila thought it was a strange idea. "Why you put candy on a cookie house mama?" She enjoyed it. Of course she didn't want to sneak any candy, or lick her fingers, no, really she didn't. She said she would decorate it, but she wasn't going to eat it. Braydon on the other hand, licked his fingers, and even squeezes the tube of frosting in his mouth, while Lila looked on in pure disgust.

Braydon had his "Winter concert" (can't say Christmas) He is the one in the back between 2 very tall girls. I have a feeling he is in the back because his buddies are all the same size as he is, and that would make for LOTS of monkey business if they were all by each other. The song choices were very strange, but the kids were fun to watch as they squirm, pick body parts, sing loud, or not sing at all, and stare off into space.

This weekend we finally have nothing going on. So the kids and I are hanging out at home doing laundry and watching lots of Dora. Next week is when everything starts. So, I'm going to try and keep the monsters low key today in hopes of getting some rest before the holiday festivities begin.

Braydon's last day is the 15th. THE 15th!! two and a half weeks off. UGH!! I swear they have more time off. We are going to make up a few of our snow days, so we won't have to go to school in July.

IF you haven't been following my friend Gen and her journey to XinMin. She left yesterday. She will be getting her 13 year old daughter on our Sunday. Hopefully she will post so we can all follow along. I love seeing people welcoming older children into their families. Not only is it great to see, but for me a learning tool, so I'm watching close. If you are reading this from China Gen, I'm thinking about you guys and send you good Chi. XCOXOXC.