AHHH....The joys of electricity.

The tree over the road....It's hanging on wires, ready to fall.
The gang: (from left) Braydon 9, Mcrae 9, Zach 6, Kylie 8, Taylor 12, Wyatt 8, Lily 8, Lila 3, Katie 3 , missing is Rylee 2(she wandered off to be the tornado that she is) and of course Ellie 7.
By next Christmas we could have a basketball team.

I have been trying to post pictures all day, this stupid blogger is almost as bad as having no power........I have never been so happy to see light in my life. I'm more happy for the kids. It was so cold in our house.
Lucky for us we did have a small heater (thank you again Carrie) and our gas fireplace.
We did have a busy weekend with places to go. On Friday we had our Christmas with our framily (friend/family)

On Saturday was the first year we were invited to Dean & Maryann's cocktail party. We had teased them so bad about not inviting us, and being embarrassed to introduce us to all of their friends. This year he finally broke down and let us come.(sympathy invite) We were on our best behavior, and didn't embarrass him too much I hope. I thought we were a big hit with the geriatric group. (that ones for you poppy) Or maybe we were a big hit in our minds.....Anyway, on our way home we took a little side trip to the casino. It's amazing the great people watching there is there at 2am. (I don't get out much at that time of night) It was a fun night.

Well, now I can get back to Christmas preparations, Brandon's mom will be here in T-4 days. I had better get cracking on my last minute shopping, cleaning, menu prep and oh yeah, cleaning. It's amazing how we turned into slobs when the power went out, I guess if you can't see it, it ain't there. Just kidding. I have lots of work to do. ciao