Random Blogging

WOW, it has been a hell of a week. We traveled over 1,044 miles in a car through 2 states, rode dune buggies, watched waves crash over 150 feet in the air, and added one more child to our family.

I'm finding it hard to locate the motivation to tackle the heaps of laundry, sorted into piles in my hallway. The downfall to vacation.

Really, I'm speechless, about expanding our family. I'm still in shock. We are going to be parents to another beautiful little girl. Sometimes I need to stop and pinch myself to make sure I'm awake. I'm sure it will all kick in when I'm wanting to pull my hair out during the wait to go to China.

At this moment she knows nothing about us yet. She may be wondering if a family is out there for her. If it will be her turn soon to leave the orphanage. She did request to be adopted by foreign parents. She has a friend who has been adopted internationally, but we do not know where to. It could be the UK for all we know at this time. It does make me feel better knowing she requested to be adopted.

I will be gathering pictures for a album to send to her. This time I will make sure I have the pictures translated, and maybe send a little letter along with it. Holt does not allow us to send care packages. It's fine, we didn't with Lila. We did send a photo album. We saw pictures later of Lila holding it with her foster mom.

I hope this is not a sign of things to come, but our social worker said she was going to call us on Friday to give us a idea of how long a addendum would take for us. Once we get the homestudy updated, it will be off to Yakima to file our I- 600A with homeland security. After we file that, we wait for what is called a 71h. Once we have that in our hot little hands, we will be able to get all of our documents certified by the sate of WA, and then sent off to the Chinese consulate for authentication. All of this means, once all of those steps are done, our paperwork will go to China, then we wait for the dreaded travel approval.

Travel approval for Lila took 120 days. On some of the message boards it is taking up to 144 days and longer. UGH!!! I can feel the frustration already. But, it could happen quick too. I keep telling myself to not expect things to go fast. But, one can hope, huh?

I'm hoping to have our paperwork to China sometime in January. That would put us in China sometime in late spring early summer.

The kids continue to be excited. Braydon is annoyed by the name selection. He thinks the names we have picked are lame, like he gets to pick. Lila on the other hand......She seems to be excited, I guess. Her reaction is mostly a, whatever you freaks.

Enough of my random bogging. I'll post pictures from our trip soon. I still want you all to stare at Jia Xiao's picture for a bit longer. I could look at it all day.