No pictures, just random blogging again. Thanksgiving was rather relaxing. The 4 of us hung out in our Jammie's all day. Well, Brandon did work his butt off getting all of the Christmas lights on the house in working order.
The dinner was a lot of work for just 4 people. Lila was NOT a fan of Thanksgiving dinner. She liked the deviled eggs, and veggie plate before the dinner. She mostly picked at her potatoes with a rolled up nose. So, not to self, rethink Christmas dinner menu.

Not much news on the laptop. It took them 5 days to run tests and apparently there is a glitch in my operating system, Whatever that means. I'm just wanting it back, with all of my pictures in tact. Another note to self....Back up, back up, back up.

Oh, and on the adoption front. We will have our home study update visit on Thursday. The home study agency that we use has a new lady in charge of the adoptions, let's just say......she is not making this very easy. She is requesting new background checks, and an additional medical check. Whatever. I'm just trying to stay positive.

We have picked a name........Ellie. The middle to still be determined.

Hope everyone had a good turkey day!!!