The laptop is back!!!

Holy cow, the laptop is back in working order. i feel like one of my limbs was just put back on. It is rather sad sometimes to think of all the things I rely on to make my life easier; my laptop, debit card, cell phone, and now my new wifi.

Oh, WiFi is the bomb. (do people still say that?) Since we moved the office to the never used dining room, we couldn't get a outlet put in for high speed internet. So, next best thing....wireless. It is so nice. I was getting caught up on blogs last night while sitting on the couch in the family room. I feel less removed from everything.

All of the pictures were saved, and backed up on DVD. I now have to go back an install all of the printer and camera software. After I do all that I will be able to bring you all pictures of the holiday decorating going on around here. WE ARE FESTIVE!!!