I want to introduce all of you to our new daughter.....Yeah, you heard it right, daughter. Brandon and I have been lucky enough to be chosen to be this little sweeties parents.

Her name is Huang Jia Xiao, she is 7. She weighs less then 40 pounds and is 3ft 3in tall.

So, we are beginning the paperchase once again. I will be trying to get our homestudy addendum completed ASAP so we can get over to Yakima to get our I-600A filed (adoption lingo there) Hopefully, we can have our dossier (papers) to China sometime in January or sooner.

Lila and Braydon are so excited. They are really open to having a sister. I think Braydon likes the fact, that he is the big guy of two girls. And Lila likes the idea of still being the baby.

I'm not going to change the blog, you will be able to follow along right here.

We are still deciding on a American name for her.