out with the old, in with the new.

I'm lame. I'm telling you, this blogging thing is becoming too much for my brain. I thought when school started I would have the mornings back to update the blog with tons of pictures and clever stories of how cute my kids are. Well, it seems the mornings are hectic, the afternoons are busy, at 3pm (my witching hour) I must have caffeine to make it through the dinner rush of homework, eye therapy, baths, books, and the small glimpse of my husband I get to see before the hurricanes (the kids) go to bed. When we finally are able to sit and stare thoughtless at the TV, all I want to do is melt into the couch and fall asleep.

This morning I have new furniture coming, so I have to get everything moved around. After the furniture gets here, I have to make sure it is all in place and everything back to its rightful spot. The O.C.D in my husband(he really isn't OCD, he is just anal) is starting to creep out. He has been a good sport this past week with the house a disaster, but you can see his skin crawling as he walks by piles of pictures on the tables, blankets draped over the banister, and everything scattered about. I do have to agree with him it is getting a bit too much, but it is still rough on the poor guy when everything is not in its own place.

For the past couple of nights we have been sleeping on the mattresses on the floor. Feels like the old days. The kids seem to like it, they have been sneaking into our room to jump on the mattress.

Braydon has been pretty good this time about getting rid of the old furniture. Normally he gets pretty weird about new things. He did want up to save the old couch in storage for him when he grows up.

He still wanted us to move back to our old house, when he saw that it was for sale. I kept telling him it was small, with no back yard. Well, he remembers it different. I took him by there to show him how small it really was. He changed his mind when he saw the back yard was 10 times smaller then our backyard, and the family room was tiny. He still says when he grows up, if he is not living at home (with us) with his wife, he will move there. Let's all hope it is there with his wife and not with us

I will be sure to post pictures of our new "grown up" furniture, no more early American garage sale decor, we are grown ups!!