The hawk award.

Baraydon's school gives out "Hawk Awards" each month to students that have displayed some type of social or academic achievement. Of course we are now the proud owner of a 2006-2007 Hawk Award.

The school sends out a "secret" letter to parents telling them of the award and the time of the assembly. All of this information is to be kept secret from your student.

On the day of the assembly the parents of the students that are receiving the award are lined up in the back of the gym. As the students all file in, you can see the veteran Hawk Award recipients scanning the audience for their mom or dad. As you can see, if your parents are in the audience, you are sure fired winner.

The benefits of a Hawk Award are, the awards it self and you good deed or academic achievement forever laser printed across the front in big bold print, a pencil with the school logo, and the coveted "Hawk Recess Pass" You and a lucky participant of your choosing get to participate in a extra recess at the end of the day. Talk about perks!!!

As you can see this years award is for both academic and social achievement. He is such a good boy!! Love you Braydon.