9 months.......

This past week was our 9th month home. Man, so much has changed for all of us. Lila is no longer screaming when Brandon gets close to her, he is her funny baba. She is no longer holding back with physical affection, she gives me kisses spontaneously. Braydon.....Well he is still the ultimate cool brother, but let the bantering begin....I get to hear the screaming from the back seat, "Braydon, No touch me plllleeeeesse." Only to hear him chine in with, "mom, I swear I didn't touch her." They fight over what movie to watch in the car, who gets the red cup at lunch, and which one gets to watch "their" show. Sibling rivalry at is best.

At this time I'm not seeing too much grieving, or distress on her face. She does get quite from time to time, but it's more just her personality.

last night she insisted on being called Wan-Wan (her Chinese name) again. That;s fine, I like to be called other things from time to time, like; Linda vs Hey! Or mom vs will you get me something. I don't mind calling her Wan-Wan, I think it pretty cute.

We got out the photo album of her foster parents the other day. She was really excited to see their faces, but had not qualms about saying goodbye and putting it back. She did make a little reference later that night at dinner, about the green house being far, far away and that she loved her brown house because, Baba, Mama, and brother were here.

She isn't going to totally forget, and I really don't want her to. The way Lila came to be in this family is special to us, and we don't want to forget it. Don't get me wrong we don't talk about it everyday, but when it is presented we always take time to let her know she was in China waiting for us to come and get her.

9 months seems like yesterday, but then it feels like she has been with us her whole life.
I am looking forward to the next 9 too.