What did you say???

picture taken at the beach, back in June.
Braydon is so silly. He was asking me questions about the Malibu yesterday, like was I born when it was made? (since it so old, like me), did all the other cars on the road look like the Malibu in 1965?, and why have they never put a new radio in it? I answered all his questions, but I was confused by the one about the radio so the conversation goes like this....

Me: Why do you want to know if they put a new radio in it?, this one is the original and it still works. It is rare for the radio to work and it would decrease the value of the car if we put a new radio in it.
Braydon: Yeah, but mom, I don't want to listen to songs from 1965, I like the songs in the Envoy (it's a 2006)

I couldn't stop giggling. He gets it now It took me a while to explain I wasn't laughing at him, I was laughing at what he said, and how cute it was. He didn't think it was funny.