Not much to blog about.

There really hasn't been too much going on around here, We have been pretty boring lately.
I haven't even been keeping up on all of my blogger friends. I SUCK!!
Don't get me wrong, being boring is a good thing, that means we have no drama, I like no drama.

The only thing funny is Braydon is going to get his hair cut for the first time in 5 months. He has been wanting to grow out his hair. Well, I has grown out, now we need a cut. I'm scared if I take him to the barber, they will not cut it right. He wants the surfer, skater boy look. So, today is his first trip to a high end salon/spa. My hopes are if I take him there, the trendy girls will be able to give it some style. Then as it grows out, hopefully I can take him to HairMasters and they can just follow the cut. Wishful thinking? Or good idea? We will see.

I'm hoping to take my little camera to sneak a few pic's while he is getting a shampoo, and sipping his latte (I don't let him have lattes)