Kissing goodbye to summer...Pucker up!

What to Blog about? We have been pretty lame around here. Braydon is liking school, Lila is not liking Braydon at school. She counts the hours until we go to pick him up. About every hour or so she asks me what time it is and how long until we go get guh-guh. Shopping is not even a distraction for her.

We had her 3 year check up on Friday. She has gained 2.7 pounds and grew 3/4 if a inch in 7 months. I know she weighed more the first few months, but has slimmed way down. The clothing situation is still the same. She is a 18month in the waist and a 24 month or 2t in the length. Thank goodness for adjustable waistbands at the Gap/Old Navy. She is pretty active and doesn't quite eat as much as she did at first. Don't get me wrong, she still out eats her brother at every meal.

I'm sort of sad the summer is coming to a end. I would like to get some more camping in. We didn't get to use the boat like we wanted too, it's going into storage this week. I even bought a new wakeboard this year, used it once.
I'm not looking forward to all the leaves falling in the yard, and mostly I'm sad that Christmas stuff is out already at Costco. Christmas stuff, whatever. Goodbye summer, see you next year.